Sustainability, a non-delegable function of the Board of Directors

At IC-A, learn about the strategic, cultural implications and new opportunities of ESG from the perspective of the Board of Directors.

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The Board of Directors is responsible for leading on Sustainability and ESG issues in the company

Why are environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues topical?

  • Sustainability is essential for the long-term success of companies.
  • The proxies are including it in their voting patterns at meetings.
  • Stakeholders are demanding change from companies and investors.
  • Sustainability/ESG reporting is valued by all stakeholders, especially investors.

Why the IC-A, the Spanish Association of Directors?

  • It is the national and international benchmark in Good Corporate Governance.
  • It is an independent body with international scope and recognition.
  • It has been contributing to the professional work of the Board Directors for more than 20 years, promoting their training, updating and meritocracy.
  • Among its publications is the Guide to “Sustainability and Non-Financial Reporting: implications for Boards of Directors”, with a foreword by the Secretary General of IOSCO.
  • At the IC-A you can be accredited as a Professional Board Director.

Organisations that support us

The IC-A Professional Development and Board Director Training Programme is endorsed by international organisations such as:

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International Corporate Governance Network Logo
The European Voice of Directors Logo

Attendees of the IC-A Professional Development Programme for Directors said:

“Sidenor is a leader in the production of special long steels and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forgings and castings, as well as a major supplier of gauging products in the European market”.

“After an MBO and the main experience of the new shareholders being that of a manager, we contacted IC-A for an in-house session at our headquarters in Basauri to help us create a solid corporate governance structure, which clearly separates the functions assigned to ownership, administration and management, as well as introducing us to the functions, duties and responsibilities of the members of the Board of Directors.


Our aim is to create a governance structure that supports and enables the management team to focus on the day-to-day, to develop the business and the company.


Our experience was very positive, as it opened our eyes and allowed us to focus on the key aspects of governance, executive management and shareholder meetings. We recommend the IC-A’s in-house programme, as it also covered all the specific issues required by an industrial company such as Sidenor”.


José Jainaga,
CEO, Sidenor


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