Defending Good Corporate Governance

The IC-A defends the balance between the duties, rights and responsibilities of Bord Directors, towards society, public administration, national and international organisations, investors, stakeholders and others.

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IC-A, the voice of Spanish Board Directors in Spain and globally

We officially represent and are the voice of our more than 800 Members inside and outside Spain.

At international level, it represents Spain in ecoDa, the European Confederation of Board Directors’ Associations, which in turn acts on behalf of 55,000 Board Directors in Europe, and in GNDI, the Global Confederation of Board Directors’ Associations, which brings together more than 130,000 international Board Directors.


In addition, it maintains close institutional relations with the most relevant corporate governance bodies and international investor associations.


More information available solely for IC-A Members.

Library/video library

It is a place which IC-A members can exclusively consult. This space contains the list of documents, books, summaries, videos, best practices, institutional opinions and other IC-A information. Here you can also find relevant national and international information on Corporate Governance, regulations, codes, among others. It has more than 90 videos, more than 370 documents, with simple search filters, at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.


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Are you a Board Director of a company or entity, Secretary of the Board, Member of the Advisory Board, Vice-chairman, Chairman, Director, Partner of a professional firm, report to the Board of Directors or are you an Administrator of a company or entity?


If the answer is yes, then IC-A is the place to be. Enjoy all the benefits of being a Member.


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