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The IC-A makes available to its Members, the best practices that every Board Director and Administrator that are guardians of Good Governance should know, through useful executive summaries, documentation of interest, shared experiences and free events.

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IC-A, the benchmark for Board Directors

One of the main tasks of the IC-A is to define and disseminate national and international best practices in Corporate Governance. Through its practical guides, the IC-A also promotes the professionalisation of governing bodies.


IC-A Members have access to exclusive and summarised information on everything that may affect them as Board Directors, with an international vision and anticipating trends.

Codes and guides drafted and edited by the IC-A

IC-A guides and codes are highly valued nationally and internationally.

Due to the quality and practicality of IC-A publications, these are used in the training of Board Directors in more than 80 countries. The IC-A guides are taken as an international benchmark.


The IC-A collaborates and maintains a close relationship with different international organisations and bodies related to the global environment of good corporate governance.

Participation in national and international guides

Over the last more than 20 years, the IC-A has actively contributed to the drafting of all the codes for listed companies, the code of good practices for investors, as well as in the legal reforms on corporate governance carried out in Spain.


Internationally, IC-A has contributed to guides and codes at European level with ecoDa or the FRC/UK, among others.


More information available solely for IC-A Members.

Library/video library

It is a place which IC-A members can exclusively consult. This space contains the list of documents, books, summaries, videos, best practices, institutional opinions and other IC-A information. Here you can also find relevant national and international information on Corporate Governance, regulations, codes, among others. It has more than 90 videos, more than 370 documents, with simple search filters, at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.


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