El Programa para Consejeros/as actuales y futuros

El Programa para Consejeros/as actuales y futuros

XXVII Edición El Buen Gobierno de las Sociedades

Acredítese en Buen Gobierno para aspirar al Consejo de Administración, con el experto en Buen Gobierno Corporativo y el referente de los Consejeros.

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6 reasons to register for the “Good Corporate Governance” Programme

  1. Boosting and developing professional careers thanks to IC-A’s recognised international prestige as a benchmark in good corporate governance.

  2. Designed by Board Directors that are experts in Good Governance for Directors, combining theory and practice.

  3. Independent teaching staff with national and international prestige and experience on Boards of Directors.

  4. Top-level attendees with whom to establish professional relationships.

  5. Compatible with professional practice.

  6. Programme valued by International Institutional Investors, Head-hunters, Nomination Committees, Regulators/Supervisors and Management.

Benefits of being accredited with an IC-A Certificate and/or Diploma

  • Obtain a certificate, of recognised national and international prestige, as a connoisseur and guarantor of Good Corporate Governance.

  • High-level professional networking to expand the network of contacts and have access to opportunities on Boards.

  • You will have an additional endorsement that will position you favourably when applying for positions on Boards of Directors.

  • Full capacity to perform the function of a Board Director.

  • To act as a guardian of good governance on the Board of Directors, being aware of the trends and expectations of international shareholders and institutional investors.

Organisations that support us

The IC-A Professional Development and Board Director Training Programme is endorsed by international organisations such as:

Global Corporate Governance Forum Logo
International Corporate Governance Network Logo
The European Voice of Directors Logo

Ways to register on good governance of Companies by the IC-A

Professional development and refresher courses for Board Directors

The Board of Directors in the Digital Age course

This invites you to develop a digital vision to generate value in your Board, in the digital society.

Do you want to know why the Board of this company changed its purpose?

“Providing comprehensive information to the largest number of people in multiple forms” became: “Vitalising local life”. (Yellow Pages-Solocal)

Technology is radically transforming our globalised society and the expectations of your stakeholders.

Do you want to understand how to integrate these changes into your Board of Director’s roles and discussions; Do you want to develop and highlight your digital skills alongside the Spanish benchmark in the board world?

Join the community of advisers already delivering value through a digital lens.

Matters dealt with

  1. The digital society: context, definition, drivers
  2. Leading business at the highest level in the digital age
  3. Transforming corporate strategy
  4. Developments in relations with shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders
  5. Making the most of digitisation to improve corporate governance
  6. The digitised Board of Directors

In one day, identify how what is digital is affecting all areas and functions of the company and the Board of Directors, regardless of size and sector.

Who is it aimed at?

  • IC-A Members
  • IC-A Alumni
  • Directors of listed, unlisted, family-owned, small or large companies, in all sectors
  • Partners of a professional audit, consulting or legal services firms
  • Experts in technology and Key Managers who aspire to be or already are Board Directors

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7 November 2023 (1 day from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.)

The Secretary of the Board of Directors course

In an evolving context, in which new demands are emerging that impact on the responsibilities of Boards of Directors, such as: Cybersecurity, risk control, sustainability (in its different social and environmental spheres), the nature and scope of the Board Secretary’s duties must be adjusted to respond to the new environment.

Matters dealt with

The course brings together case studies, surveys and examples from legal experts, IC-A members and Board Secretaries with extensive experience in relevant companies.

  1. Formal aspects of the post of Secretary of the Board of Directors
  2. The duties of Secretary of the Board of Directors
  3. Legal Status of the Secretary of the Board
  4. Job profile and skills of Secretary of the Board
  5. Support duties to the Board of Directors: With the Chairman, the Lead Independent Director, the Board Committees and the Chief Executive, if this is not the Chairman

Who is it aimed at?

  • Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries of the Boards of listed companies, Secretaries of the Boards of small and medium sized companies.

  • Legal Advisers, Managers acting as Secretary of the Board in subsidiaries of multi-national companies and Lawyers/Legal Experts acting as External Secretary.


Taught by prestigious Secretaries of Boards committed to generating professional standards for the IC-A that contribute to the corporate governance framework in Spain.

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29 November 2023 (1 day from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.)

The European Board Diploma

New pan-European programme, designed by senior members of Boards of Directors for European Directors, through ecoDa (the European confederation of directors’ associations, representing 55,000 directors across Europe).

Thanks to this course, those who have completed professional development programmes at the IC-A can strengthen their knowledge of the best practices of the Board at pan-European level, as well as benefiting from special conditions for being an IC-A Member.


25 and 26 October 2023 on-site (Brussels)
16 November 2023 (online)

Special rates for IC-A members, as the entity representing Spain at ecoDa


The IC-A Good Corporate Governance programme for current and future directors is a highly sought-after asset to make progress in the professionalisation of the governing bodies of companies and organisations.


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