The Programme for current and future Board Directors

The Programme for current and future Board Directors

28th Edition Good Corporate Governance

Get accredited in Good Governance to aspire to the Board of Directors, with the expert in Good Corporate Governance and the benchmark for Board Members.

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6 reasons to register for the “Good Corporate Governance” Programe

  1. Boosting and developing professional careers thanks to IC-A’s recognised international prestige as a benchmark in good corporate governance.

  2. Designed by Board Directors that are experts in Good Governance for Directors, combining theory and practice.

  3. Independent teachers with national and international prestige and experience on Boards of Directors.

  4. Top-level attendees with whom to establish professional relationships.

  5. Compatible with professional practice.

  6. Programme valued by International Institutional Investors, Head-hunters, Nomination Committees, Regulators/Supervisors and Management.

Benefits of being accredited with an IC-A Certificate and/or Diploma

  • Obtain a certificate, of recognised national and international prestige, as a connoisseur and guarantor of Good Corporate Governance.

  • High-level professional networking to expand the network of contacts and have access to opportunities on Boards.

  • You will have an additional endorsement that will position you favourably when applying for positions on Boards of Directors.

  • Full capacity to perform the function of a Board Director.

  • To act as a guardian of good governance on the Board of Directors, being aware of the trends and expectations of international shareholders and institutional investors.

Organisations that support us

The IC-A Professional Development and Board Director Training Programme is endorsed by international organisations such as:

Global Corporate Governance Forum Logo
International Corporate Governance Network Logo
The European Voice of Directors Logo

IC-A Good Corporate Governance Diploma

The Diploma is aimed at:

  • Board Directors with more than 10 years’ experience on Boards of Directors.

  • Candidates who are accredited with the IC-A Certificate.

  • Candidates who, with less than 10 years’ Board experience, have passed the course on the Duties of the Director and the Board of Directors and the Director and the Law (in house or in the general call for applications).

The Diploma course delves into specific issues to make corporate governance more robust and sustainable. During 2 days it focuses on developing practical activities and trends for the Professional Director.

1. Ethics

How can the Board promote corporate policies and environments conducive to ethical behaviour? The IC-A Diploma starts with ethics, because there can be no good governance without ethics and honesty.

2. Risk Governance

Risk governance is, by law, a key and non-delegable function of the Board.The IC-A Diploma provides the key skills to drive and secure an environment and systems that adequately govern corporate risks. Without risk there is no business development and no increase in value, but you have to know how to manage it.

3. Investor Relations

In both listed and unlisted companies and family companies that have shareholders and investors or that may need funding, it is key that the Board is aware of Investor concerns and how they would like to be treated and informed by the company.

4. Assessment of Boards

Effective Boards assess their performance and results, and report on improvements to a company’s governance. The IC-A Diploma explains who and how the assessment of Boards should be promoted, and how often, best practices and what is required by law (LSC).

5. IPOs

What does it involve and what do the Board Directors of a company wishing to go public in Spain need to know?

6. ESG/Sustainability

Stakeholders require non-financial information to assess medium-term value creation and associated risks.

ESG information, i.e. environmental, social and governance information, complements financial reporting and allows for a more rigorous assessment of future business performance and sustainability.

7. The Board of Directors (Role Play)

Assigning roles and conducting a Board of Directors, following an agenda and for 2 hours, based on a practical case study and an informative case of a Board of Directors with tensions and conflicts of interest.

Key trends in corporate governance to understand their potential impact on your organisation.

IC-A 2024 Diploma for Professional Board Directors Dates

20 and 21 November 2024

Online registration


The IC-A Good Corporate Governance programme for current and future directors is a highly sought-after asset to make progress in the professionalisation of the governing bodies of companies and organisations.


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