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It has been promoting the professional development of Board Directors and Administrators as an independent non-profit association for more than 20 years.

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Professional Development, Training and Refresher Programme for Board Directors

The responsibility of being a Board Director or Administrator requires constant updating and training on the most important issues for the Board and companies.

  • + 3,900 Board Directors trained by IC-A.
  • + 18 years training current and future Board Directors.
  • With proven international recognition: ecoDa, ICGN, GCGF and Hermes
  • With criteria of independence and ethics.
  • Through its own doctrine of recognised national and international prestige.
  • Taught by Directors for Directors.
  • 1st essential step to carry out your job as a professional Board Director.
  • Valued by head hunters, investors and market supervisors.

  • Special conditions for IC-A Members

10 Benefits of belonging to IC-A

  • The satisfaction of contributing with its membership to promote better governance in Spanish companies.

  • Keep up to date, with an international perspective and anticipating trends, on matters relating to: professional standards, corporate governance, sustainability, digital environment, professionalisation of Directors, among others; through the IC-A’s own publications, specific free seminars, newsletters and more.

  • Be part of exclusive events for members with relevant people from the national and international business and institutional world.

  • Have a common professional networking environment in which to interact with other company Directors, head hunters and investors, and to exchange concerns and projects among peers.

  • Enhance the possibilities of your professional career by belonging to this exclusive group.

  • Be represented as a collective before society, public administrations, national and international organisations and the media.

  • Enjoy special conditions in the IC-A Professional Development, Refresher and Director Training Programme.

  • Have access to information services and advice free of charge by phone or on advantageous terms on legal advice, insurance, remuneration and recruitment.

  • Access to the IC-A Library/Video Library with additional relevant national and international information for the Director

  • Access, under preferential terms, to business centres and accommodation.

IC-A Activities

The IC-A promotes the continuous professional development of the Director from an international and national perspective through its Refresher Programmes, and exclusive events for Members such as conferences, webinars, professional networking events and other quality events. IC-A activities include:

  • Designed by directors, for current or future directors.

  • Based on the best international models and world-renowned centres specialising in the professionalisation of boards.

  • Led by renowned speakers from Spain and abroad.

  • Address issues relevant to the Director in the framework of Good Corporate Governance, Sustainability (ESG), digital environment, trends, etc.

  • With a strategic plan and a practical point of view.

  • Focused on sharing experiences and expanding professional relationships.

Membership requirements

Are you a Board Director of a company or entity, Secretary of the Board, Member of the Advisory Board, Vice-chairman, Chairman, Director, Partner of a professional firm, report to the Board of Directors or are you an Administrator of a company or entity?


If the answer is yes, then IC-A is the place to be. Enjoy all the benefits of being a Member.

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