What is IC-A?

The IC-A is the benchmark for Board Directors in Spain and Europe, and the national and international expert in corporate governance.

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IC-A, the benchmark for Board Directors

The Instituto de Consejeros-Administradores (IC-A) is the Spanish association for Board Directors of businesses and organisations.

It is a non-profit, independent, non-political association with no ideological or religious links.


The IC-A is made up of individual Board Directors and Administrators and has been promoting good corporate governance, best practices and the professionalisation of Board Directors for more than 20 years.


The IC-A is funded through membership fees, events, Professional Development Programmes for Board Directors and sponsorships.

Promoters of Good Corporate Governance

The IC-A pursues the establishment, promotion and dissemination of Good Corporate Governance, the highest standards of professional standards and best ethical practices. The IC-A also publishes its own doctrine, contributes to the training of Board Directors as well as bringing them up to date, and issues opinions on regulations and guidelines affecting corporate governance.


Through this work the IC-A contributes to the functioning of the Board of Directors, which should always strive for Good Corporate Governance for the sake of its stakeholders and shareholders.

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The IC-A acts as an interlocutor between the different bodies and promotes the voice of Board Directors in Spain and in Europe.

The IC-A represents and defends the interests of the Board Directors and Administrators, conveying the opinions of the Board Directors and Administrators to the Administration, the media and society.


In this way the IC-A acts as an interlocutor and boosts the voice of the Board Directors.

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IC-A members

The Members of IC-A are Non-Executive Board Directors, (Proprietary, Independent) and Executive Board Directors, Administrators and Senior Management reporting to the Board of Directors. They come from different sectors, such as listed and unlisted companies, family companies, start-ups, multinationals, banks, associations and foundations, public entities and institutions.


The IC-A brings together these top professionals and promotes their updating in good corporate governance and the professionalisation of the role of the Board of Directors.

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National and international relations

The IC-A enjoys great national and international prestige as an expert in good corporate governance. It therefore maintains close relations with the main national and international Corporate Governance bodies and players (ecoDa and GNDI – where it represents Spain -, CNMV, IOSCO, EU and OECD, among others). It also maintains close institutional links with international investors through ICGN, among others.

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10 Benefits of belonging to the IC-A

Are you a Board Director of a company or entity, Secretary of the Board, Member of the Advisory Board, Vice-chairman, Chairman, Director, Partner of a professional firm, report to the Board of Directors or are you an Administrator of a company or entity?


If the answer is yes, then IC-A is the place to be. Enjoy all the benefits of being a Member.

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