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IC-A Members are members of the Board of Directors or Advisory Boards, the first line of management reporting to the Board of Directors.

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Female Board Directors in Listed Companies
Female Board Directors in Listed Companies

IC-A members

+ than 800 Members on Boards of Directors and
future female Board Directors make up the IC-A

  • Board director of a company or organisation

  • Executive director

  • Non-executive director

  • Proprietary director

  • Independent director

  • Lead director

  • Other directors

  • Secretary of the Board

  • Member of the Advisory Board to the Board of Directors

  • Vice-chairman

  • Chairman or Director

  • Partner of a professional firm

  • First line of management reporting to the Board of Directors

  • Partner of a professional firm

Membership of the IC-A is on an individual basis

It is the individuals who are the individual Members, not the companies or organisations

They come from a variety of sectors and represent a wide range of companies, whether they are unlisted companies, listed companies, family-owned companies or start-ups, multinationals, banks, associations and foundations (NGOs), public entities or institutions, as well as Senior Management reporting to the Board of Directors.

High-level professional networking

Thanks to the many activities, IC-A Members develop high-level links that can lead to professional and personal opportunities.

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Membership requirements:

Whoever is a “Board Director-Administrator” of an “Entity” and has been:


    • A Board Director for at least 3 years, with at least 3 years of additional time spent in business or professional activities.


    • A Board Director for at least 1 year, having additionally spent at least 5 years in business or professional activities and having attended the Instituto de Consejeros-Administradores course entitled “Functions of the Board Director and the Board”.


The following people may also be Members of the IC-A, provided they carry out their activity in an “Entity” and have more than 7 years of experience in the exercise of their position or in the exercise of similar roles:

  • The partners of a professional firm.


  • Senior managers who report directly to a member of the governing and administrative body and who perform or have performed first-level executive duties, including but not limited to secretaries of the Board and legal advisers.


  • Individual entrepreneurs.


  • Those who, while not currently fulfilling any of the above conditions, have been qualified to be members of the Institute at some time during the last two years.


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Membership requirements

Are you a Board Director of a company or entity, Secretary of the Board, Member of the Advisory Board, Vice-chairman, Chairman, Director, Partner of a professional firm, report to the Board of Directors or are you an Administrator of a company or entity?


If the answer is yes, then IC-A is the place to be. Enjoy all the benefits of being a Member.

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