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Governance and organisational structure of the IC-A

  • Governing Board

  • Executive Board / Delegated Executive Committee

  • Committees
    • Members’ Committee
    • Audit Committee
    • Nomination Committee
    • Remuneration Committee
    • Strategy Committee
    • Professional Standards Committee
    • Professional Development and Director Training Committee
    • Members’ Development Committee
    • IC-A Digital Working Group
    • Communication Working Group

  • Management Team

Governing Board of the IC-A

  • Mr. Fernando Igartua Arregui, Honorary Chairman and Honorary Member
  • Mr. Jesús María Caínzos Fernández, Chairman
  • Mr. José Luis del Valle Doblado, Vice-chairman
  • Mr. Juan Alvarez-Vijande García, Executive Director
  • Mr. Jaime Carvajal-Urquijo, Board Member-Director
  • Ms. Belén Amatriain Corbi, Board Member-Director
  • Ms. María Eugenia Girón Dávila, Board Member-Director
  • Mr. Fernando-Gil Guerrero Gómez, Board Member-Director
  • Mr. Rafael Sánchez-Lozano Turmo, Board Member-Director
  • Ms. Idoia Bengoa Simón, Board Member-Director
  • Ms. Inés Juste Bellosillo, Board Member-Director
  • Mr. Antonio Abril Abadín, Board Member-Director
  • Ms. Pilar López-Aranguren Velarde, Board Member-Director
  • Mr. José Manuel Arnáiz de Castro, Board Member-Director
  • Ms. Cristina Mendía Azpíroz, Board Member-Director
  • Mr. Jesús Peregrina Barranquero, Treasurer and Honorary Member
  • Mr. Luis Sancho Martínez-Pardo, Secretary
  • Ms. Estíbaliz Aranburu Uribarri, Legal Adviser

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