Promoting Good Corporate Governance

The IC-A’s primary role is the promotion of Good Corporate Governance, the defence of best practices and the prodessionalissation of Board Directors.

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IC-A, the driver of Good Governance

The IC-A is an independent, non-political organisation, made up of individual Board Directors and Administrators of companies or entities. Since its foundation in 2003, the IC-A has been the standard-bearer for Good Corporate Governance in Spain.

Purpose of the IC-A

In order to fulfil its mission, the IC-A has set itself the following goals in its Articles of Association, which also reflect its purpose as an organisation:

  • Establish, promote and disseminate corporate governance, high standards of professional regulations and best international and national ethical practices.

  • Promote the professional development, updating and training of Board Directors and Key Managers.

  • Represent and defend the interests of Directors.

  • Facilitate the development of professional relationships between the Members.

  • Establish links with other associations or organisations, national and international,  with similar or complementary aims to the IC-A.

National and international recognition

The IC-A is recognised in Spain and abroad for its independence, know-how in Corporate Governance and Sustainability, and for promoting the professionalisation of Boards. National and international bodies such as the CNMV, ecoDa, ICGN, among many others, celebrate the work of the IC-A.

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10 Benefits of belonging to the IC-A

Are you a Board Director of a company or entity, Secretary of the Board, Member of the Advisory Board, Vice-chairman, Chairman, Director, Partner of a professional firm, report to the Board of Directors or are you an Administrator of a company or entity?


If the answer is yes, then IC-A is the place to be. Enjoy all the benefits of being a Member.

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